Fruit Vendors

C&R Farms – Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday Market (beginning in June) – C & R Farms is a 2nd generation owned orchard that has been providing premium tree-ripened fruit to customers for the past 30 years. C & R Farms is family owned and operated orchard that is nestled below the Grand Mesa near the quite town of Palisade on the Western Slope of Colorado. Our unique location allows us to grow some of the best tasting fruit in the industry!  We are committed to the quality of our fruit; our peaches have been winning the taste buds of countless customers for years. We strive to bring you only perfection! C & R Farms sells numerous varieties of fruit including Peaches, Cherries, Apricots, Apples, and Pears. Our fruit is tree-ripened, handpicked and hand packed to ensure maximum flavor and appearance. This process allows the fruit to naturally ripen and gain optimum flavor while still on the tree. Peaches – Our premium peaches are available from mid-July thru the beginning of September. Apples – Early September to late September Pears – Mid August thru Mid September Cherries – Late June thru Mid July  Apricots – Early to Mid July thru late July.

Garden Sweet – Sunday Market  Berries, flowers, veggies, herbs

Masonville Orchards – Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday Market (beginning in August) – Masonville Orchards specializes in antique, heirloom and unique apple and pear varieties. Our orchards are located on the Front Range of Colorado, where warm days and cool nights are ideal for outstanding apples and pears. We have over 150 different varieties of apples and pears.  Our apples include:  Scarlet Surprise, Williams Pride, Gravenstein, McIntosh, Jonathan, Tompkins County King, Pixie Crunch, Melrose, Norkent, Honeycrisp, Airlie Red, Apricot Apple, Caville Blanc D’hiver, Winter Banana, Sunrise, Sundance, Cortland, Early Joe, Fameuse, Jenner Sweet, Kanab Sweet, Sweet Sixteen, Delcon, Wealthy, Smokehouse, Cox Cherry Pippin to name a few.  Some of our unique and unusual pear varieties include:  Ubileen, Honeysweet, Crisp N Sweet, Orcas & Harrow Delight. Asian pear varieties include: Shinseiki, Korean Giant, Chojoro, Seuri & Nijiseiki.

Morton Organic Orchards – Wednesday, and Sunday Market (beginning in June) – At Morton’s Orchards in Palisade, Colorado, we grow peaches, cherries, apricots, and nectarines, available at many farmers markets throughout Colorado, and some through wholesale. Our fruit is certified organic by the USDA and the Colorado Department of Agriculture.