The number of farmers’ markets is growing across America as more consumers become interested in buying fresher produce and supporting local farmers. An added benefit is that well-run farmers’ markets can be educational, and are always fun!

Along the Front Range of Colorado, agricultural land is being turned into housing and shopping at an alarming rate. Concerned citizens might support agriculture in general, but don’t understand how they can help their local farmers or ranchers. Farmers’ Markets offer the consumer the opportunity to support local farmers and ranchers by purchasing fresh products directly from the producer.

CAMC was organized as a cooperative in 1984 with each member agreeing to contribute their skills to the operation and success of the markets. Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for local producers of agricultural products to market their goods, to promote local production of commodities and to serve as a model for other communities.

The Colorado Agricultural Marketing Cooperative offers three markets to local growers and consumers. (Emphasis on local here, as produce is restricted to Colorado grown). Those markets are Sunday and Wednesday in Fort Collins and Saturday and Tuesday in Loveland. Come see us May through mid-November!