Pies, Pastries, & Bread Vendors

Great Harvest Bread Co. – Tuesday and Sunday Market –  We offer freshly made breads made from whole grain wheat which is stone ground in our baker daily.  Our market breads vary by market but include Honey Whole Wheat, 9 Grain, Dakota, Wheat and Oat, and  Flax Oat bran.   We also offer scrumptious sweet breads like Pumpkin Chocolate Chip, Cinnamon Burst Swirl, and Raspberry Lemonade.  We bring huge delicious scones and cookies.  We have bars that can take you to the top of any 14ner!!  If Gluten doesn’t agree with you come and taste our tasty Gluten-less options!  The Bottom line is we offer superb breads where you can taste the fresh ground difference!

Les Crepes, LLC – Tuesday Market (beginning in June) – Crepes and beverages

Styria Bakery – Sunday Market – Styria Bakery is a family-owned-and-operated European gourmet and artisan bread company. Our handmade gourmet breads are made with a natural starter, reducing the need of commercial yeast and any number of preservatives added by other bakeries. We provide freshly baked Artisan bread throughout Colorado, Wyoming and other States local events.

Sweet European Treats – Tuesday and Sunday Market – Sweet European Treats brings home-made, all natural, traditional, family recipes for the markets as of: apple strudel, kuchens, tarts, 7 layer tortes , nut rolls , poppy seed rolls, specialty cookies, cakes, coffee cakes. Recipes are always fresh and never frozen so costumers can enjoy the best quality. We provide European baked goods away from home and are always happy to take orders for special occasions. Over the past year we have started selling jams and jellies of small variety for an extra added enjoyment of home-made goodness!

The Bread Chic –  Wednesday and Sunday Market – Pies, breads and cookies.