Vendor Spotlight: Wags Livestock

Wags Livestock

“We don’t sell it if we wouldn’t eat it.” That’s Jim Waggoner’s business philosophy. Sounds simple enough – if it’s not good enough for his family, it’s not good enough for you. That’s the Wags Livestock promise. Jim and Sue Waggoner conduct their business with honesty and respect, and you can’t ask for a better guarantee than that!


Jim and Sue have been providing high quality meats to customers since the early 80s. After raising livestock throughout their childhood, they found it an easy transition to take their lifestyle and turn it into a business. The Waggoners relocated to Wyoming from New Mexico, but quickly discovered the different climate at their new home posed a challenge to raising cattle. But thanks to their experience and dedication to high quality products, they adjusted their calving season and have been producing natural meats and meat products for farmers markets, food co-ops and even troops overseas ever since.


Wags Livestock moved their calving season to late April and May, which more closely matches the natural growth of native plants, removing stress and changes in metabolism that can slow livestock growth. Their cattle mature earlier and reach eating quality at a younger age. The Waggoners also pride themselves in treating their livestock with compassion and respect, choosing to forego prodding, yelling or abuse of any kind while the cattle are being raised.


You know you’ll be getting high quality, naturally raised meat products raised in a loving environment when you buy Wags Livestock products. You won’t have to worry about unnatural chemicals being added to their products either. You have the flexibility of ordering individual packages of meat cuts or entire animals, depending on your needs. And their personal touch and care for the animals can be tasted in every bite of their meat products. So the next time you’re at the Fort Collins Sunday market, be sure to stop by and talk to Jim and Sue! The same care, compassion and respect for the animals are applied to the hogs, goats and lambs that produce the high quality natural pork, lamb and goat meat that is also produced and offered for sale by Wags Livestock. All animals are processed under USDA inspection